2023 Timberline Catalog

If you’re looking for woodworking, carpentry, and contractor tools that offer superior cuts and smooth performance at prices that can’t be beat --- then look no further. Timberline™ router bits, saw blades, cutters and accessories boast high quality at an affordable price. Each Timberline™ tool is carefully engineered and manufactured to maximize performance while stretching your tool budget.

Despite the lower cost, Amana Tool® has not cut corners with the Timberline™ product line. Each tool utilizes only the finest steel and micro-grain carbide. Our CNC sharpening technology and cutting geometry is world renown. Timberline™ saw blades are skillfully heat-treated, and fully tensioned in order to provide you with smooth cutting performance. All Timberline™ router bits feature the latest in anti-kickback design technology; this important feature limits the cutting depth which ensures that our bits are safer for your use.

Whether you’re a serious woodworking enthusiast or a professional contractor, you’re sure to find the tool you need. We invite you to give Timberline™ products a try. We’re confident that you won’t find finer cutting tools at a lower price, and we’re confident that you’ll also be pleased with the performance too!